Ben Long Stag Scaffolding Sculpture 72dpi


Stag Scaffolding Sculpture, 2008,
Scaffolding construction
520 x 298 x 916 cm
Installation view:
Elephant & Castle, London

Scaffolding components, materials commonly used within the construction industry, are repurposed to create sculptural form. Despite their monumental scale, Scaffolding Sculptures may be dismantled to become new artworks at a later stage. This state of semi-permanence remains true to the intended function of modular scaffolding. Viewed chronologically as


a series they demonstrate Long's ambition to continually progress in this unconventional medium. Just as a child plays with a simple building system such as Lego or Mechano, taking components apart and re-building on a whim, it is the continual development of Scaffolding Sculptures that takes precedence over any one complete artwork.