Ben Long Work Scaffolding Sculpture Day 700px


Work Scaffolding Sculpture, 2014,
Scaffolding construction
504 x 256 x 683 cm
Installation view:
30 St Mary Axe, London
Commissioned by Sculpture in the City

Scaffolding components, materials commonly used within the construction industry, are repurposed to create sculptural form. Despite their monumental scale, Scaffolding Sculptures may be dismantled to become new artworks at a later stage. This state of semi-permanence remains true to the intended function of modular scaffolding. Viewed chronologically as

a series they demonstrate Long's ambition to continually progress in this unconventional medium. Just as a child plays with a simple building system such as Lego or Mechano, taking components apart and re-building on a whim, it is the continual development of Scaffolding Sculptures that takes precedence over any one complete artwork.