Open-City's Archikids Work Scaffolding Sculpture Workshop
30 St Mary Axe, London
26 July 2014


Ben Long Open City Archikids workshop 1


Ben Long photographed with a fellow artist participant during Open-City's Archikids workshop. Photo credit: Open-City


During July 2014 over 3,500 children from 29 London boroughs attended Open-City's Archikids annual festival in the City of London's Square Mile. In support of the festival Ben Long took part in a drawing and sculpture workshop at the plaza of 30 St Mary Axe. With the help of Open-City's education team, 5-11 year olds and their families were given the unique opportunity to make drawings inspired by the surrounding architectural landmarks and Long's own Work Scaffolding Sculpture, currently on view as part of Sculpture in the City 2014. Working alongside the artist, young people created individual drawings on transparencies, which were then slotted together in a sculptural fashion to create a collaborative and organic viewing structure.


Long described the event as being "the opposite of text-book learning in the classroom. Archikids activities take place in the streets, markets and plazas of the City of London, affording children the opportunity to work in front of some of the most inspiring architectural landmarks in the UK. The usual working-week buzz of the financial district is replaced with a new kind of energy during the Archikids festival weekend. For two days it feels like children and their families hold the keys to the City of London and creativity is the only currency that talks."


Work Scaffolding Sculpture will be on view at 30 St Mary Axe until 7 June 2015. For more information about Open-City and the annual Archikids festival, please visit


Ben Long Open City Archikids workshop 2


Ben Long Open City Archikids workshop 3


Ben Long Open City Archikids workshop 4


Ben Long Open City Archikids workshop 5