The Dog: A Celebration at Chatsworth
Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, UK
23 March – 6 October 2019


Ben Long Dog Scaffolding Sculpture Chatsworth


Ben Long's Dog Scaffolding Sculpture features as the centrepiece of a new exhibition The

Dog: A Celebration at Chatsworth, home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire.


The idea for the exhibition was initiated by of the Duchess who was inspired by the Cavendish

family's fondness for dogs over many generations and by Chatsworth itself as a popular

destination for dog walkers. Co-curated by Alex Hodby and Tessa Wild, the exhibition includes

works by Constable, Stubbs, Gainsborough and Landseer alongside contemporary pieces by

Lucian Freud, Jeff Koons, Antony Gormley and Elisabeth Frink.


Standing 8m high and built entirely from scaffolding components, Dog Scaffolding Sculpture is

sited in the private gardens directly in front of the house.


Long says of the sculpture:


"Part of the challenge of working in this unlikely medium is overcoming the inherent

lifelessness of scaffolding in order to describe dynamic, organic form. Since the first version

of Dog Scaffolding Sculpture the aim throughout has been to capture something akin to the

abundant energy and playfulness that the canine species embodies."


Long, whose previous large scale Scaffolding Sculptures include Horse at Banksy's

Dismaland and Work at the entrance of The Gherkin in the City of London, has talked about

the particular challenges of this commission:


"My sculptures usually exist in urban environments so I was both curious and excited to site

this work in the context of Chatsworth House and the surrounding landscape created by

Capability Brown. When I finished and observed the completed Scaffolding Sculpture I found

myself thinking back to the very beginning of the construction process a month earlier. Then

there was nothing on the South Lawn but a thousand individual components stacked and

heaped in heavy mounds ready to be assembled into precise sculptural form. The creation of

a Scaffolding Sculpture is very involved and methodically calculated at every stage, so to me

the end result speaks about that accumulated work effort and the complex process of design

and assembly. After this intense effort it is rewarding to stand back and see the Dog

assembled, playful and alert in the context of it's neighbouring statuary and the grand house."


A full colour illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition.


Chatsworth House, Bakewell, Derbyshire DE45 1PP
Open daily from 23rd March 2019

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Ben Long Dog Scaffolding Sculpture


Photo credit: Jonty Wilde