Assuming the role of wandering troubadour, Long travels the British Isles, playing and recording music as he moves from one location or scenario to another. His approach to capturing these musical compositions is unique; Long purposefully incorporates the environmental sounds of his geographic location to accompany the instrumental song. Whether playing guitar whilst taking shelter from a thunder storm or blowing a harmonica on a cross-country steam train, each of these individual recordings creates an aural landscape, distinctly evoking travel, exploration and the romance associated with the open road.


Dray Horse Blues, the first track presented in this sequence, was made whilst travelling by horse and cart with the draymen of Young's Brewery in Wandsworth, London, the last company in England to deliver kegs and crates of beer on the old fashioned dray horses. On track two, recorded on the Isle of White, the sounds of lapping waves can be heard over Long's bottle-neck slide guitar. Track three takes the listener inside the cabin of a haulage truck, Long playing guitar to entertain the operator of the vehicle as they move across central London. Finally in this sequence, in A Walk With The Great Travelling Artist, we hear the ambiance of summertime and Long's own footsteps on a gravel path, moving as he discovers the various sounds of classically trained musicians rehearsing in a nearby building.