Ben Long White Mountain Scenery Franconia Notch New Hampshire after Asher B Durand installation view 4x3 web


White Mountain Scenery, Franconia Notch,
New Hampshire (after Asher B Durand), 2015
Digital Print on advertising billboard
691 x 318 cm
Installation view, USA

Motion-blurred landscapes are presented on commercial billboards in the public realm. For each of these artworks Long has digitally manipulated the image of a historically significant 19th Century oil landscape using computer painting techniques. The effect created is of the rural environment being moved through at high velocity, as if captured by photographic means from the window of a locomotive. Paintings by artists

expressing a romantic outlook of tranquility and contented country life, are reconsidered in relation to a modern reality that no longer moves at a stable, orderly pace. Moving Landscapes prompt us to examine whether we are exhilarated or baffled by the acceleration of modern life and whether access to more information at a faster speed means a greater or lesser experience of the world around us.