Ice Cream Coving is a monument of an ice cream cone, assembled from sections of architectural cornice and coving. Referencing the shape of pavement ice-cream cones that attract trade to vendors and parlours throughout seaside towns and areas of tourism, the sculpture is a playful and unexpected realisation of this familiar object, affirming the virtues of leisure and the pleasurable joys we experience in our lives.


Miter cut and assembled in layers, the compendium of classical decorative motifs evoke whipped cream and the sweet delights of seaside culture. The sculpture foregrounds the interaction of different historic periods; where classical, pop and neolithic cultural signifiers are combined in a post-modern statement. The heritage designs that clad the sculptures surface, such as the entwined rose that represents the growth of love, and the egg and dart that symbolise birth and death, are motifs that contain existential meaning, while the tapering, lozenge form of the ice cream and the stacked courses of cornice might also suggest a measurement of time marked by a distinct beginning, middle and end point.