'Brass Bandstand' is a reconstruction of a Victorian-era municipal bandstand constructed of highly burnished and stove-lacquered brass.


Victorian bandstands in the UK were inspired by an Indian example: the Rajasthani chhatri — an elaborate domed canopy fashioned from stone and supported by pillars. The word chhatri means "umbrella", and these are sacred sites that serve as memorials to the dead.


By changing the material fabric of the typical cast-iron bandstand to that of brass, the structure is transformed by its many dazzling surface reflections and the infinite mirroring between the floor and ceiling. Echoing the seductive lustre of brass instrumentation, the concentric structure of the re-envisioned bandstand appears to be illuminated internally. The sculpture becomes a meditative, spiritual space that is in harmony with its surroundings, reflectively encompassing onlookers and the natural environment.


A metaphysical centrepiece amid cultivated natural beauty, 'Brass Bandstand' celebrates cross-cultural pollination and the possibility of social unity through the joy of shared musical experience.